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Thread: California Crackdown on Modified Cars

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    California Crackdown on Modified Cars

    Just so u guys are aware just found this article on the net...

    California Crackdown on Modified Cars
    $5 million in federal money will fund a Sacramento, California effort to stop drivers in modified cars.

    Police in Sacramento, California announced Wednesday that they would use $5 million in federal money to begin cracking down on auto enthusiasts who modify their vehicles. The money will be used to form an undercover "Drag-Net" unit to stop motorists who appear to be driving modified cars.

    The concept, which originated in San Diego in 2001, has been spreading throughout the state and generated significant revenue for the California Highway Patrol and local departments. In Santa Fe Springs, for example, twelve officers on Drag-Net duty issued 300 citations and impounded 50 vehicles in just one weekend. Several cities have drag-racing ordinances that allow police to auction off seized cars and keep the profits.

    Under Drag-Net, San Diego officers come to train other departments how to look out for what they believe to be tell-tale signs of illegal modification such as window tinting, large spoilers, extra gauges or racing stickers. Police say this gives them probable cause to stop and inspect a vehicle and its engine compartment.

    In practice, "excessive exaust noise" tickets are the most common violation. California law does not require police to measure sound levels objectively. Instead, according to the Calfiornia Highway Patrol, the "citation is based on officer's judgment."

    Drivers of stock vehicles that come from the factory with some of the characteristics of modified cars have experienced harassment under this provision. One such motorist complained on an enthusiast website that the Calfiornia Highway Patrol was using these programs to make "driving while Asian" a crime, pointing out that the department's own website has several pages dedicated to Asian involvement in street racing and "vehicle modification."

    Anyone receiving a vehicle modification "fix-it" ticket must visit a California Bureau of Automobile Repair office and pay a $35 fee to have their car inspected. If the car fails, a judge can impose another fine of up to $2000 for failing to meet California emissions requirements.

    Article Excerpt:
    "We're looking to make a heavy impact on speeding and street racing in this area," Sacramento Police Deputy Chief Steve Segura said during a press conference with local and state officials on Del Paso Road in North Natomas.
    Source: Area law enforcers to receive training to combat street racing

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    yeah ,its bs...they should concentrate on drunk drivers/murders/rapists
    i understand racers kill people in auto accidents but they are more drunk drivers killing people

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    California Air-Resource Board has always been on our ass. There has been no change in the past few years. Random inspections and Vehicle profiling are pretty normal in Cali.

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    I guess i'll have to take the VTEC off of my car now

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    That is some B.S

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    wow, all i can say is thank god i dont live in cali

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    Sunrise has been totaly dead the nights I've cruised through,looks like that 5 mill was a waste of state money. Since they can't get it back off fines now.

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